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Welcome to an all-inclusive fishing charter on Panama's famous Tuna Coast. We are located between the historic Las Tablas and the world-famous surf beach Playa Venao in the beautiful city of Pedasi, one of the safest cities in Central America. We are your premium inshore, near shore, and offshore fishing experience. Our current fishing is done the old-fashioned way with local captains and local pongas.

Pedasi is considered one of the best fishing spots in Panama. According to Marlin Magazine, the second most important saltwater magazine in the region, the fishing here is world class.

In the beautiful and deep waters, you can catch dolphin (dorado), yellowfin tuna, sierra, wahoo and of course sailfish and marlin all year round.


In Panama, in the province of Las Tablas, in the incredible city of Pedasí, is located the most exclusive area for sport fishing and tourism.
Pedasí, a small and beautiful district of the Azuero Peninsula, washed by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by magnificent beaches and unforgettable mountains.

Due to its picturesque architecture and orderly street structure, Pedasí is one of the main attractions of the Los Santos region, both for fishing and tourism.

It is about five hours by road from the city of Panama. The town is located at the southeastern end of the Azuero Peninsula, on the Pacific coast and is mainly a fishing village.
Pedasí is a complete and well-prepared city, it has public clinics, banks, a library, restaurants, mini-supermarkets and small stores. The town is equipped with telephones and high-speed Internet services.
Pedasí is also known for its lively annual carnival events, its pristine beaches, its diving and surfing activities, its proximity to some of Panama's national parks, the howler monkeys, the local cuisine and the warmth of Panamanian hospitality.